Sunday, August 22, 2010


     I haven't been to the zoo in a long time, so Michael and I went to the Hogle Zoo. It was lots of fun. Here's a random quote about the zoo that Michael kept quoting.... "What are we going to do?", "There's only one thing a man can do when he's suffering from a spiritual and existential funk.", "Go to the zoo, flip off the monkeys?".......Name that movie!

We were picking the tiger's nose.


      On our way to Lagoon, Michael and I got into a car accident. The car still runs, but it's even more getto than before. It has to have ducktape to hold the hood down. It's actually kind of sad, but maybe now I'll get a new car???
      Despite our bumpy start we had fun at Lagoon. (Although I did lose a pair of glasses on one of the rides.)

Even though this is a little kids ride, I think it was my favorite. Everyone is a kid at heart right??


Bored at work

 Ok Kristy, this is for you. I know I never ever update my blog so I'm going to try to get a lot posted today.

      One night Jeff and I went on a starbucks run for the nurses. We decided that we needed to use a wagon to bring back all the drinks. But before we left Jeff had me pull him in the wagon.

      Angela taped highlighters to Danielle's fingers. Later Danielle tried to type with them on. It was hilarious to watch!